Lost Sister: Freya Thornton

Last seen on a Duke of Edinburgh Hiking Expedition on Kirk Moor.

freya3Full Name: Freya Claire Thornton

Age: 17

Height & Weight: “Freya Thornton was Head Girl of the Sixth Form: tall and athletic.  She carried herself with an aura of pure arrogance and discipline.”

Hair Colour:  “The sides of her straight, honey blonde hair, cut in a severe chin-length bob, concealed her face and any expression it might wear.”

Eye Colour:  “Holly met Freya’s steady blue-eyed gaze for a long, silent moment.  Then Freya tilted her head ever so slightly and raised her chin in a superior movement.  At the same time, Holly’s head jerked back and a shiver ran down her spine.  Freya held Holly’s stare intensely.  There could be no escape from those unforgiving blue eyes.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “Shorts had been a stupid idea.  She should have worn long trousers but the day had been so hot.  She had not expected to encounter anything like him.   Wolves are rare in Britain and he was a particularly rare wolf.”

Freya’s parents have made inquiries to the proper authorities but received no information regarding their daughter.  Freya’s teachers are concerned about her continuing absence as she has many coursework deadlines and up-coming exams for which she is targeted to receive top marks.

Disclaimer: Freya Thornton is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.


Lost Sister: Rowan Syng

Last seen fighting Holly Lukas on the school quad.


Full Name: Rowan Antonia Syng

Age: 14

Height & Weight: “Rowan Syng was tiny—even shorter than Ingrid and about a stone skinnier.  Despite her size, Rowan presented an intimidating image.”  

Hair Colour:  “Ninja black cropped hair spiked around a smooth chalky complexion.  The effect was rather like a mixed up chess piece: moulded black loops surrounding a white rook body, topping a black turret head.”

Eye Colour:  “Those eyes constantly changed colour depending on what surrounded them: blue to grey to violet.  At the moment, they looked muddy and muddled.  Like the colour you get when you over mix paint pigments.  They were not eyes to be looked at for long.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “…biker boots; arms tightly sheathed in a black jumper crossed primly over her bare midriff.”

Rowan’s grandparents would appreciate any information leading to the recovery of this Lost Sister.  Evidence that she has neglected her medication may make her behaviour erratic, so approach with caution.  For further details of Rowan’s recent activity, contact Jonathan Sigman.

Disclaimer: Rowan Syng is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

Lost Sister: Tyra Baley

Last seen at a camp site in the mountains of North Wales

tyra3Full Name: Tyra Renee Baley

Age: 16

Height & Weight: “…short and plump, her face was very round and full”

Eye Colour:  “Tyra’s appearance gave little enlightenment to her origins.  Her skin was a deep caramel but there were people with her colour of skin from all around Asia and northern parts of Africa.  Narrow cheekbones reaching high toward her brown eyes were large and almond-shaped.  Her eye lids had very little fold to them, though it was not as pronounced as Japanese or Chinese eyes.  Not un-like them either.”

Hair Colour:  “Her thick, dark brown hair hung straight and heavy, split in thick plaits which bobbed against round shoulders when she laughed.  It was similar to the hair of some Indian and Pakistani girls she knew.  But Tyra was not Pakistani or Indian or Chinese or Japanese or Outer-Mongolia or anything it seemed”

Last Seen Wearing:  … a patchwork quilt.”

Tyra’s mothers are desperate for information leading to the return of this Lost Sister.  Their adopted daughter is a sweet-natured girl, unlikely to wander off or run away.  Tyra may have been taken by someone or attacked by an animal.  Please direct all leads in this search to the residents of Baley Farm.

Disclaimer: Tyra Baley is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

Lost Sister: Holly Lukas

Last seen in her bed asleep beside her little sister.

hollyFull Name: Holly Lukas

Age: 15

Height & Weight:  “Holly’s leggy frame held its own against the Head Girl’s height.”

Hair Colour:  “…the teased-out auburn do alone added at least half a foot.  Every copper strand of her chaotically styled hair crackled with energy.”

Eye Colour:  “Dark brown like her brother’s which had always made the two siblings stand out.  Gingers didn’t normally have such dark eyes, as many people pointed out to them over the years.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “wild-hair, tight, low shirt and skinny jeans—a modern day Magdalene.”

The Lukas family would do anything to recover their Lost Sister.  Holly is known to be aggressive and violent and should therefore be approached with caution.  Information on Holly’s whereabouts should be reported to the family at the Dog and Dragon Alehouse, Joniston Cold.

Disclaimer: Holly Lukas is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

Lost Sister: Ingrid Meade

Last seen being led forcibly out of the Music Department by Leighton Jacobs.

ingridFull Name: Ingrid Olivia Meade

Age: 14

Height & Weight: Most of Ingrid was not Ingrid’s by nature: dyed hair, sprayed skin, painted nails, painted face, body sculpted by hard work and good products. ”  

Hair Colour:  “…champagne blonde hair straightened to within an inch of its life.” 

Eye Colour:  ” Only her eyes were her own: jade green untouched by artifice.  Ingrid knew this obsession with her appearance struck most people as the worst kind of vanity, but she didn’t see it that way.  Some artists worked in clay, some in pastels: Ingrid worked in Ingrid.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “…a denim miniskirt, indigo tights and a primrose cardigan.” 

Catherine Meade is offering cash reward for information leading to the recovery of this Lost Sister.  Her daughter Ingrid is a popular and vivacious girl who is seldom seen without a collection of friends.  A recent injury and lengthy illness may be a contributing factor.

Disclaimer: Ingrid Meade is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.