About Katharine Elmer


I grew up in the cornfields of the American Midwest.  I wrote my first poem (an ode to Harrison Ford) at the age of nine, and have seldom put a pen down since.   Fairy tales, dramatic stories, characters who struggle to understand their places in the world all inspired me as a child.  The works of Shakespeare, Lloyd Alexander, Neil Gaimon, Hillary Mantel and Toni Morrison (to name a few)continue to fuel my imagination. 

I studied at Illinois State University where I was privileged enough to learn from the late David Foster Wallace (he gave me an A).  I combined my love of creative writing and theatre while studying for a Master’s Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I first discovered the true joy of creation when I wrote While the City Sleeps, a radio play inspired by my love of film noire.  When it aired on a local radio station 31st October 1997, I understood the deep fulfillment of making something out of nothing and seeing it to the end.

Ah but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now…

wolf meblogAfter graduate school, I moved briefly to New York City, where I met my soul mate on-line at a Xena Warrior Princess Fan site.  I soon relocated to the United Kingdom and began teaching English and Drama at Sherburn High School, North Yorkshire.  I took my love of script writing with me, adapting Taming of a ShrewSecond Shepherds’s Play and Wars of the Roses for my students to perform. 

Tangwystl the Unwanted, my first  published short story, appeared in Crossed Genres’ Fat Girl in a Strange Land Anthology in February 2012.   Since then,  I have been developing  my own blog Yankee in Yorkshire,contributing to the feminist blog Doctor Her and completing two more short stories.  Recently, I signed with Gaia Banks of the Sheil Land Agency.   My first novel A Circle of Lost Sisters, a Young Adult fantasy, will be seeking a publishing home in 2013.

When not writing, I divide my time (mostly evenly) between raising my daughters Freya and Juliet, teaching classes, reading, making things and enjoying the great Yorkshire Countryside.


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