Snuggles with Wolves

Where does an idea begin?  I am always telling my drama students nobody waltzes into a studio, says “let’s make a play” then magically creates something entertaining and meaningful.  You have start from somewhere: a photograph, a poem, a memory, a story, a song…anything can be a stimulus for art.  For JK Rowling it was a cross-country train journey.  For JRR Tolkien it began with a sentence.  For me, it began with my daughter.


This is  Freya.

She is eight-years-old and her favourite colour is purple.

She is also utterly mad about wolves.


I am not entirely certain where this obsession comes from but it is all-consuming.

She had her “worst day ever” at school yesterday because, during an interesting classroom activity, one of her classmates refused to surrender the “Wolf Card.”  I’m a bit hazy on the details of this traumatic event, but it led to several minutes of sobbing on the sofa which required ice cream medication.


Freya is Team Jacob all the way.

I will never forget seeing her  blush for the first time when watching New Moon.

Then I realised she wasn’t sighing over Jacob’s abs, she was only interested in his fur.  I still don’t know whether to feel relieved or worried.

So when my husband suggested I quit whinging and write a book and I wailed back: “what would I write about?”, Freya answered.  I could write a book about a girl named Freya who is a werewolf.  From that simple idea, other creative choices followed.  If my lead character is named Freya, I should look to Norse mythology for further story inspiration.  A werewolf named Freya should have a pack and she should be it’s Alpha.

And maybe there could be a boy with abs…and fur.

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