Lost Sister: Rowan Syng

Last seen fighting Holly Lukas on the school quad.


Full Name: Rowan Antonia Syng

Age: 14

Height & Weight: “Rowan Syng was tiny—even shorter than Ingrid and about a stone skinnier.  Despite her size, Rowan presented an intimidating image.”  

Hair Colour:  “Ninja black cropped hair spiked around a smooth chalky complexion.  The effect was rather like a mixed up chess piece: moulded black loops surrounding a white rook body, topping a black turret head.”

Eye Colour:  “Those eyes constantly changed colour depending on what surrounded them: blue to grey to violet.  At the moment, they looked muddy and muddled.  Like the colour you get when you over mix paint pigments.  They were not eyes to be looked at for long.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “…biker boots; arms tightly sheathed in a black jumper crossed primly over her bare midriff.”

Rowan’s grandparents would appreciate any information leading to the recovery of this Lost Sister.  Evidence that she has neglected her medication may make her behaviour erratic, so approach with caution.  For further details of Rowan’s recent activity, contact Jonathan Sigman.

Disclaimer: Rowan Syng is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

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