Lost Sister: Tyra Baley

Last seen at a camp site in the mountains of North Wales

tyra3Full Name: Tyra Renee Baley

Age: 16

Height & Weight: “…short and plump, her face was very round and full”

Eye Colour:  “Tyra’s appearance gave little enlightenment to her origins.  Her skin was a deep caramel but there were people with her colour of skin from all around Asia and northern parts of Africa.  Narrow cheekbones reaching high toward her brown eyes were large and almond-shaped.  Her eye lids had very little fold to them, though it was not as pronounced as Japanese or Chinese eyes.  Not un-like them either.”

Hair Colour:  “Her thick, dark brown hair hung straight and heavy, split in thick plaits which bobbed against round shoulders when she laughed.  It was similar to the hair of some Indian and Pakistani girls she knew.  But Tyra was not Pakistani or Indian or Chinese or Japanese or Outer-Mongolia or anything it seemed”

Last Seen Wearing:  … a patchwork quilt.”

Tyra’s mothers are desperate for information leading to the return of this Lost Sister.  Their adopted daughter is a sweet-natured girl, unlikely to wander off or run away.  Tyra may have been taken by someone or attacked by an animal.  Please direct all leads in this search to the residents of Baley Farm.

Disclaimer: Tyra Baley is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

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