Lost Sister: Holly Lukas

Last seen in her bed asleep beside her little sister.

hollyFull Name: Holly Lukas

Age: 15

Height & Weight:  “Holly’s leggy frame held its own against the Head Girl’s height.”

Hair Colour:  “…the teased-out auburn do alone added at least half a foot.  Every copper strand of her chaotically styled hair crackled with energy.”

Eye Colour:  “Dark brown like her brother’s which had always made the two siblings stand out.  Gingers didn’t normally have such dark eyes, as many people pointed out to them over the years.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “wild-hair, tight, low shirt and skinny jeans—a modern day Magdalene.”

The Lukas family would do anything to recover their Lost Sister.  Holly is known to be aggressive and violent and should therefore be approached with caution.  Information on Holly’s whereabouts should be reported to the family at the Dog and Dragon Alehouse, Joniston Cold.

Disclaimer: Holly Lukas is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

2 thoughts on “Lost Sister: Holly Lukas

  1. Holly has become my favorite character, even though I probably wouldn’t want to meet her for real. She would roll her eyes and I’d say something nasty and it would just go downhill from there. I still don’t like her name, probably left over from your period of decorating your whole room with Holly Hobby stuff–and these two are *not* compatible!

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