Lost Sister: Ingrid Meade

Last seen being led forcibly out of the Music Department by Leighton Jacobs.

ingridFull Name: Ingrid Olivia Meade

Age: 14

Height & Weight: Most of Ingrid was not Ingrid’s by nature: dyed hair, sprayed skin, painted nails, painted face, body sculpted by hard work and good products. ”  

Hair Colour:  “…champagne blonde hair straightened to within an inch of its life.” 

Eye Colour:  ” Only her eyes were her own: jade green untouched by artifice.  Ingrid knew this obsession with her appearance struck most people as the worst kind of vanity, but she didn’t see it that way.  Some artists worked in clay, some in pastels: Ingrid worked in Ingrid.”

Last Seen Wearing:  “…a denim miniskirt, indigo tights and a primrose cardigan.” 

Catherine Meade is offering cash reward for information leading to the recovery of this Lost Sister.  Her daughter Ingrid is a popular and vivacious girl who is seldom seen without a collection of friends.  A recent injury and lengthy illness may be a contributing factor.

Disclaimer: Ingrid Meade is a fictional character from A Circle of Lost Sisters.  Illustration by Elizabeth Snider.

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