Saga of a Lost Sister

After a bad day at work, on the cusp of my fortieth birthday, I began a journey back to the person I wanted to be when I grew up: a writer.  I never doubted I would end up at the end of a keyboard someday…once Life stopped getting in the way (Life being things like education, employment, marriage, children, tea drinking).  Life never did stop getting in the way of course, so I simply chose to change my Life.  No, I did  not get rid of my family or job and I certainly did not get rid of the tea.  I just made room.  And I stopped making excuses.

On this blog you will find extracts of my writing, scraps of inspiration, works in progress, reviews, theories and regular status reports on my epic struggle to get my novel to your shelves.


One thought on “Saga of a Lost Sister

  1. A reply that has nothing whatever to do with the topic at hand:
    Um. The title of your blog- Writer, Teacher, reader, Mother, DRINKER????? In that order? Such a part of you that it is one of the 5 words to describe you??? Well, at least drinker is last.

    And Writer should absolutely be first. You write beautifully, profoundly, intimately. Your writing is uniquely fresh and sharp. It has wit AND meaning- and that combination is in short supply.

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